Jerome McClelland

I was born a borderline 90’s baby

That means I’m crazy mixed with stupid

I don't know how to love myself all the time

Like me and myself had a falling out and I'm just in the middle I'm a sucker for sweets and the music my parents grew up on

I'm still learning how to be loved

And to love all of the perfect imperfections that is me

I was born broken and I have been a work in progress ever since

I like drawing… a lot

I've been told that I am a bad texter

I think it's because I was so used to being alone

Secretly I get nervous when I have too much on my mind

I have an odd fascination with mirrors and smiling

I assume I like them because I spent a lot of time making sure my poker face reflects and grinn

I guess that is why I am always happy go lucky

You see silver lines remind me that I'm not afraid of bad weather

But I am scared to death of everything that is going to happen when the rain pours

I know this sounds weird but I wonder what my mirror says about me when I am not around

Like if my reflection actually cares what I look like

Hi, my name is Jerome

I enjoy anime

Loud music

And eggos and 3 in the morning

But I don't _ as often as I should

I have a solar powered will

And a battery operated conscious

My hobbies include video games and drawing

Editing my view on the world

Hiding behind walls I build

And trying to convince my self esteem that It's ok to be my worst critic

That I perfectly flawed

You see I don't know much but I know this

The world wasn't built in a day

I know that forever is a long time

And I know that hurt is only temporary