giving our luscious body: healing through mindful embodiment and voguing


This movement workshop will focus on the healing properties of the vogue dance form. Based on the methods of somatic dance practices, Butch Queen Performance, Vogue Femme, House Ballroom Scene reflective-reflexive body empowerment practice, and decolonial Indigenous dance-art Psychotherapy, we will explore our inner and outer worlds, that make up who we are, in order to better observe, map, and develop our strengths--and, accept and overcome our weaknesses. Because we are digging in deep, performing and revealing our vulnerabilities and brilliances, this will be a closed, safe, and intimate space, meaning we will not have observers--everyone in the workshop must participate. The first part of our session will be based on introductions to ourselves, setting ground rules, exploring memories, and the capacities of our bodies. This will lead to the second part of our session, which will continue our explorations into understanding, reflecting, performing, and learning how to give supportive critical empowering love in our sharing. We will be moving, we will sweat, we will illustrate, and dance our life: Como La Flor to our Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!

Cuauhtémoc Peranda

Cuauhtémoc Peranda, MFA (Mescalero Apache, Mexika-Chichimeca/Cano; & cihuaiolo butch queen: they/he/she/Father) is a Critical Dance Studies Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Their research and writing focuses on a critical review of the United States’ House Ballroom Scene, and the deployment of the political resistance and critique of vogue. As a dance artist, they have performed throughout California, and has presented dance work in New York, Seattle, London, Honolulu, Berlin, Cambridge, Mexico City and Tijuana. They walk and raise children in the West Coast Ballscenes, and they're known as "Don'Té Peaches 007."

Not a Piece, butthole

(Members Gala)

nicole casado

nicole casado is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Diego.

Justin Morrison

Justin Morrison is a transmedia teaching artist working as a dancer, director, choreographer, videographer, entrepreneur, and filmmaker (yes, all at once.) He has a background in classical and contemporary, as well as avant-garde dance, and continues to be employed independently as a problem solver and project manager in the field of information technology.

"The Monsters of Fi, Igh and Wn"

(Bobbie Powell Gallery)

"The Monsters of Fi, Igh and Wn" is about three female warriors being chosen to save their kingdom, but something goes wrong after the king and his men give the warrior sisters powers. The women wake up away from home confused, damaged and divided. This film looks at how people handle anxiety and trauma while they're faced with obligations, relationships and the unknown future. This dance film is based on a completed staged work performed in October 2021. Bios Below

Shame Off Me (Art Alliance Gallery)

Beto Soto

Beto Soto (he/him) is a Queer Mexican photographer who focuses on portrait and documentary photography. His work explores self-identity, immigration status, and the layers of the LGBTQ+ community. Beto's most recent photographic work highlights undocumented LGBTQ+ individuals and how both identities intersect.

Rich Soublet

I wasn’t one of those people that always knew what they wanted to do. I frittered about from one job to another. I spent my time synching sound cues to Dolphin aerial maneuvers, training dogs, playing poker, doing theatre, and doing whatever other odd this or that I could do to scrape by all through my early 20s. I always had a love for photography, but I never considered it a possibility for a full-time profession until a friend asked me if I could do some headshots for them.

“That’s just a picture of your face, how hard could it be?”

Smash cut to 16 years later and I'm lucky enough to be a full-time photographer. I'm constantly learning and refining and reexamining the way I do things to make sure my work always looks better than the last time.

I often joke that I'm better at expressing myself visually than with words...while the jury may still be out on that I do think that I put a lot more of myself into my work than I did when I was first starting out.

I feel very lucky to be a photographer. Committing moments, memories, and slices of someone's humanity to a photo has given me a way to put my imagination to good use. Creating something tangible that can hold significance for other people is something I’m deeply honored to be doing.

Danté Finch

Danté Finch aka Daytaycosplay Is a self taught crafter, body painter, special effects artist and cosplayer. Based out of San Diego he is a regular participant an active member in the Cosplay community at large. Through the Art of cosplay brings characters from multiple pop culture movies , comics and anime.

I.N. Collective - The Heart that Longs no Longer (The Atrium)

This dance presents in episodes.

;Got SOUL (Rooftop)

Khalil Bluex - R.A.M. Fellow

Word bender. World Builder. Youth accomplice. Khalil Bleux is an artist and educator from Southeast, San Diego. He is an innovator with a purpose for developing pathways to wellness and personal freedom. He has a career background in social work and a practice of integrating creativity across various systems and care methods. He is the founder of The SOULcial Workers and Agency 515, The Social Education Theatre, and a proud uncle, godfather, and son.

Kid Nonsense (Atrium)

Jerome McClelland

Im a multimedium artist from San Diego. Im 22 years old and I've been involved in the nonprofit world for about 6 years now my hope is to use my art to inspire others to follow there passion and bring some joy to the world along with advocating for suicide prevention.

Raku Fired Masks - Ceramic Stoneware

Jason Loel Smithson

Mask making embraces the mystery of existence. Firing clay in a kiln inspires me. Each of my masks are a personal journey.

Living in My Skin - No Hands to Give

Giselle Rocha

Giselle Rocha is a Visual artist who has showcased her work locally and internationally. She has continued to advocate and work towards bringing more resources and awareness to the issues that impact youth. She has worked in the mental health field and has used art to help increase youths' socioemotional well-being to decrease their mental health symptoms.