Giselle Rocha

Even though they asked for a sunny day

I don't know how to speak in emotional moments

But I'm a sucker for cheesy musicals with romantic episodes & villainous antics

I'm still learning how to be myself in a place where I never could.

I am learning how to speak out loud

I was born like fire and I’ve been dim ever since

I like singing… a lot

I’ve been told I'm bad at confrontations but can speak my soul through writing and draw my heart in paint

Secretly I get really nervous every time I say I am a mom

I have an odd fascination with musicals and singing

I assume I like them because on a good day I sing to myself and brighten my day.

I guess that's why I like the color blue & cheese

You see the color blue doesn't remind me that I am not afraid of confrontation or speaking.

But I'm scared to death of everything that's going to happen the moment that I say the last word.

I'm clumsy

Yesterday I tripped over my sanity

Landed on my anxiety

And shattered through cold water as my body fades

I’ve never been in the right mindset but I have this constant urge to be better

I know this sounds weird but I wonder what my peers say about me when I'm not around because my dark and twisted self will be overthinking every scenario you’d ever imagine

Hi, my name is Giselle Rocha

I enjoy the color blue, fire and musicals

But I don't cry as often as I should.

I have solar powered anxiety.

And battery operated optimism.

My hobbies include eating my self-esteem,

Hiding behind my knowledge,

And trying to convince my son that he can live in this world being a kind human.

I don't know much but I know this,

I like the color blue and the high fives my son gives me.

And I know that I am beautiful in his eyes.