Sam Marcial

I was born in 1999

That means I don't fit in with the early 90’s

Or the later 2000’s that means I’ve been stuck between two eras, always finding myself in the middle of things never understanding why I was worried about raising a kid at the age 9.

And I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

I'm a sucker for a milkshake and a deep conversation

I’m still learning how to be passionate while not expecting it in return

I was born choking and I've been having trouble breathing ever since

I like boba...a lot

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Jerome McClelland

I was born a borderline 90’s baby

That means I’m crazy mixed with stupid

I don't know how to love myself all the time

Like me, and myself had a falling out and I'm just in the middle I'm a sucker for sweets and the music my parents grew up on

I'm still learning how to be loved

And to love all of the perfect imperfections that is me

I was born broken and I have been a work in progress ever since

I like drawing… a lot

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Giselle Rocha

I was born like fire through rainy skies

Even though they asked for a sunny day

I don't know how to speak in emotional moments

But I'm a sucker for cheesy musicals with romantic episodes & villainous antics

I'm still learning how to be myself in a place where I never could.

I am learning how to speak out loud

I was born like fire and I’ve been dim ever since

I like singing… a lot

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Zack King

Zack King is a performing artist with emphasis in Dance and Theater. He strives to cultivate empathy and curiosity in his audiences as well as his collaborators by making work that is both personal and socially relevant. He inspires people to connect with others by learning more about themselves. His interest currently revolves around finding virtuosity through embodiment of different perspectives of the self.

Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen is an artist, maker, teacher, and improviser with interests in dance, photography, and wearable art. She graduated with honor from San Diego State University in 2017, achieving a BFA in Dance and a Minor in Visual Art. She has been working as a performer, director, costume designer, and teaching artist throughout San Diego region since 2013. Her current passion is to explore the intersectionality of art-making and social justice work with youths and young adults.

Khalil Bleux

Word bender. World Builder. Youth accomplice. Khalil Bleux is an artist and educator from Southeast, San Diego. He is an innovator with a purpose for developing pathways to wellness and personal freedom. He has a career background in social work and a practice of integrating creativity across various systems and care methods. He is the founder of The SOULcial Workers and Agency 515, The Social Education Theatre, and a proud uncle, godfather, and son.