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What is the Summit?

The Arts Amplifying Youth Summit is a vibe! Its is a place where young people (12-24) come to connect, create and claim their place as leaders. We use the arts to share our experiences and raise awareness of the world as youth see it. We challenge the issues that directly impact us and amplify our voices to inspire the changes we know we need. The summit is where we celebrate and share. Each year we work together to create an exciting experience that is for us and by us. We're inviting you to the party! You will spend the day engaged in creative workshops, arts activities, games, performances and so much more!

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Our theme for this year's event, 'Spectrum of HOPE.' - Holding Out for the Perfect Excape will amplify our voices around the topic of hope exploring through the power of the arts how we can bring new topics and navigate the inner challenges that we face with the world around us.

Our leadership collective has designed a full day of workshops and activities that explore a range of topics related to resilience, patience, and mental, emotional and community growth Each topic is covered through various art forms including poetry, dance, a visual art exhibit and more!

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Good Vibes
Youth Led Workshops
Dope Art and activities
Games and Prizes

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Our Past Events

2021 AAY! Summit

Mental Health: What We Keep In Silence

Mental health is a real thing, and were not talking about it enough. Arts Amplifying Youth had something to say! This year we amplified our voices around the topic of mental health exploring through the arts how we share, heal and grow through what we keep in silence.

2020 AAY! Summit


Its no secret that 2020 was a whirlwind year for all of us. Like many of you, our program felt the challenges of it all.

This year we took on a theme of Community and our collective worked like never before to ensure that youth would have not be silenced in the face of concurring crisis. After almost a year in lockdown we were able to safely and successfully bring a summit to youth in San Diego and across our new virtual community.

There are so many things going on in the world that are trying to separate us and we were left with so many questions. What is the true meaning of community and how do we build it?

With this years theme we amplifying the common unity we share can help ensure that youth , no matter who they are, have spaces to be seen and heard and find belonging.

2019 AAY! Summit


What is safety? Where do youth get to feel safe? Often times safety is defined for youth, without them at all. We are constantly facing barriers when seeking safe spaces. and challenges with systems that dont truly understand our needs. So how do WE define safety?

This year we explore the topic of safety and creatively discover how we realize, reclaim and reimagine it for ourselves

Special surprise appearance from Jason Mraz!

2018 AAY! Summit

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Let me hear you say AAY! For our first youth summit, young artists are taking the lead! we are looking at how we amplify Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for youth to

build stronger communities through the arts!